Taxes & Assessment


2021 Revaluation - Handout from SAMA

2021 is a "Revaluation Year" which means all property assessments will be revalued with a base date of January 1, 2019.   As well, a new amendment to The Municipalities Act came into effect on January 1, 2021 removing the (Section 293) farm dwelling exemption in unorganized hamlets (Waitville, Tarnopol and Yellow Creek as a special service area, and also extends to the lakeshore developments) - this exemption had already been removed for organized hamlets.

The municipality plays a limited role in the assessed value of your property.  SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency) is the assessment provider for Saskatchewan municipalities.  SAMA's website has detailed property reports and a wealth of information to assist the public.

Ultimately, the assessed value of your property and the municipal mill rate determines the amount of taxes you pay each year.  Additional levies such as municipal hail, education property taxes and/or conservation & development area taxes also apply.

Appeals to the assessed value of your property can only be made when the Assessment Roll is open in April/May of each year.  The fee to appeal is $50.00 per property, however this fee will be returned to you if your appeal is successful.  Appeals are considered by the an appointed Board of Revision.  

R.M. of Invergordon's Board of Revision consists of:

  • Two (2) Council members from the R.M. of Birch Hills
  • Two (2) Council members from the R.M. of St. Louis

For a comprehensive review of Assessment Appeals click the link to read the Government of Saskatewan's guide:  Citizen's Guide to Assessment Appeals


Taxes are levied by August 1st with taxes due by December 31st each year.  Discount is available for payment of taxes prior to December 1st.

Discount rate is as follows:

  • 6% for payments in August
  • 5% for payments in September
  • 4% for payments in October
  • 2% for payments in November

Payment Options

Payments for taxes and other accounts (water/sewer, custom work, tax certificates, etc.) can be made as follows:

  1.  Mailed Cheque, can be post-dated;
  2.  Cheque or Cash in person or deposited in our front door mail slot;
  3.  Debit in the office;
  4.  E-Transfer to (no password is required, funds are automatically deposited for security);
  5. NEW!! Pre-Authorized Debit PAD payments can be setup as a set amount each month on the 15th or 28th of each month, or as an estimate of current year's levy - you can even select to have it paid off by August 31 so you still get the full 6% discount!   Contact us for more information or fill out the attached form and return to us to get setup!      PAD Form
  6. Online Bank Bill Payment to "R.M. of Invergordon" (type in "Invergordon" if you have trouble finding us as a Payee)
    • Credit Unions
    • Royal Bank (RBC)
    • Scotiabank
    • (Coming Soon) TD Canada Trust
    • Sorry we do not participate with CIBC or BMO due to high monthly fees they charge.

Account Number: use your customer number at the top-right of your Tax Notice.

Note: you may need to add zero(s) in front of your customer number as most banks seem to require at least 4 digits for Account Numbers.

If you aren't sure what your customer number is, or are having troubles submitting a payment, give the office a call or send us an email.

If you are sending a payment to be applied to multiple accounts, please submit each payment individually to ensure they are applied correctly. 

Receipts are mailed to the address on file.

Tax Payment Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

Application Form