Bylaw & Policy


Zoning & Development Bylaws

Building Bylaw  NEW!!  Effective Date: December 20, 2021

Interim Development Control  NEW!!  Effective Date: December 1, 2021   Amend Bylaw passed July 13, 2022 to remove Section 3.1 (i) pending Ministerial approval

Zoning Bylaw - draft under review

Official Community Plan Bylaw - draft pending for review

Fire Bylaws

Provide and Recover Fire Charges Outside the RM

Provide and Recover Fire Charges in the RM

Fire Mutual Aid Agreement with RM Hoodoo

Struthers Regional Park Fire Agreement

Utility Bylaws

Collection, Storage & Disposal of Sewage

Public Utility (Yellow Creek W/S) NEW!!  Passed July 13, 2022 pending Ministerial approval to be in effect Jan 1, 2023

Public Utility (Crystal Springs W/S)

Public Utility Board (Melfort)

Public Utility Board (North Central)

Tax Bylaws

Tax Discount & Penalties

Tax Mill Rate Factor

Minimum Tax

Tax Certificate

Road Bylaws

Restrict Bridge Weight  

Street Closure - School Lease  

Restrict Operation of Tractors on Roads

Speed Limit

Lakeshore Speed Limit

Hamlet Speed Limit

Heavy Trucks Speed Limit

Regulate the Cutting of Hay

Erect Snow Fences

Expropriation (Consolidated)

Prohibit Obstructions Adjacent to Road Allowances - repealed, see Interim Development Control 

Plowing and Obstructing Roads - repealed, see Interim Development Control

Animal & Property Management Bylaws

Dog Control Bylaw  NEW!! 

Livestock & Poultry Bylaw  NEW!! 

Noise Bylaw  

Nuisance Abatement

Allow Beaver to be Hunted

Designate Heritage Property (Trestle Bridge)

Ag Lease NE 16-44-23-W2  

Ag Lease SW 30-44-23-W2  

Procedural Bylaws

Borrowing (Land)  NEW!! 

Council Procedures (Consolidated)

Public Notice

Council Code of Ethics

General Penalty

Assessment Appeal Fee

Dispense of Mailing Assessment Notices

Record Retention

Borrowing (RM Building)

Struthers Regional Park Contribution Agreement

Emergency Repairs

Emergency Measures Organization

Extend Voting Hours


Information Policies

Access to Information


General Government Policies

Division Boundary   NEW!!

Third Party Harassment  NEW!!

Employee Code of Conduct 



Sask. Lotteries 


Grants & Donations

Disposal of Lands 

Asset Management 

ISC Services

Public Works Policies

Spring Road Bans (Opt-Out)  NEW!!

Custom Work *Updated Jan 2022*

Sale of Culverts

Agricultural Approaches

Road Hauling

Tax Policies

Tax Enforcement *Updated Jan 2022*

Farmstead Exemption *Updated Mar 2022*

Rec Board Exemption

Utility Policies

Unpaid Utility Charges

Waterworks Financial & Capital Strategy (Yellow Creek)

Waterworks QA/QC (Yellow Creek)

Waterworks QA/QC (Crystal Springs)