As the R.M. is not responsible for providing landowners with legal land surveyors we often get asked who we use for surveying services.  The R.M. frequently utilizes Palliser Surveys and Meridian Surveys.  Contact them for more information and be sure to check out the below brochure from the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association on how a legal survey protects you and your property!  Thinking of subdividing?  Before you submit an application, reach out to a surveyor for guidance.

Legal Land Surveys Protect You & Your Property

  1. Palliser Surveys
  2. Meridian Surveys

Shelterbelt Program

Click here to read the announcement on the 2022 program

2022 Order Form

Snow Removal

  1. Bullee Mechanical

Water & Septic Haulers

  1. GCM Septic & Water
  2. Kinistino Septic
  3. Sundbo Water Service
    • Darren Sundbo
    • Birch Hills, SK
    • Ph: (306) 749-7555;  (306) 749-3241
  4. A1 Septic & Water Hauling
    1. Wakaw, SK
    2. Ph: (306) 233-8222
  5. Ter-Ray Services
    1. Ph: (306) 257-3288