Municipal Profile


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Rural Municipality No. 430 was formed in 1911 and given the name Invergordon.  It is said to have been chosen as homage to a Scottish town where the original settlers may have originated from. 

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Members of Council

Reeve                              Bruce Hunter      

Division 1 Councillor   Kelvin Dutka       

Division 2 Councillor   Keith Thibault     

Division 3 Councillor   Calvin Parsons   

Division 4 Councillor   Kevin Hawreschuk

Division 5 Councillor   Wayne Bacon     

Division 6 Councillor   Edwin Rundbraaten

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Council Meetings

Regular Council meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each Month

Time:  9:00am 

Where:  Council Chambers in the RM Office in Crystal Springs, SK

Attendance:  Everyone is welcome to come and observe the meeting (pre-registration is required, see Covid-19 page for full details) - meetings will not be available by Zoom unless rom capacity has been met.

Delegations:  Anyone wishing to speak or present a matter to Council shall submit the request and any reference documents to the Administrator at minimum 48hrs prior to the Council meeting.  Delegations are given 15 minutes to speak to Council.  Where there are numerous delegates taking the same position on a matter, they are encouraged to select a spokesperson to present to Council.

Conduct by the Public:  all persons in the public gallery at a Council meeting shall:

   set cell phones to silent so as to not disrupt the meeting

   refrain from making any audio or video recordings of the meeting, attendees or documents presented

   "no voice - no vote", attendees must refrain from addressing Council or making any comments, gestures or actions that disturb the proceedings.

Minutes of a Council meeting are not public documents until they are approved by the Council at the next regular Council meeting

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Office Staff

Courtney Beaulieu, Administrator

Anne Davis, Assistant Administrator

Kelly Sandelin, Office Assistant (training for Asst. Administrator)

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Public Works Staff

Myron Toner, Foreman

The RM currently employs 6 Equipment Operators (5 seasonal, 1 full-time)

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Other Staff

Trevor Plessl, Utility Manager

  • water-sewer operations
  • lagoons
  • landfill (attendant on Wednesday's)
  • bylaw officer 
  • weed inspector 
  • EMO coordinator
  • general safety and environmental regulations