Forms & Permits

Building & Development Permits

All development in the RM must comply with the adopted Interim Development Control Bylaw and Building Bylaw.  A development permit application and a building permit application are both required unless specifically exempted by the bylaws.   Click here to go over to our Zoning & Development page for full information on the regulations.

Building Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Development Permit Application

Septic Permits

This is regulated by Saskatchewan Environment, click to read their document "Common Types of  Private Sewage Works" to understand what may or may not be permitted on your land.

Septic Permit Application

Septic Permit Application Payment Form 

Lakeshore Permits

For any development on Municipal or Environmental reserve land (walkways or other parcels within a lakeshore development) please fill out and return the following form for approval prior to any work being done.  All lakeshore subdivisions, with the exception of Fleming-Rhona Lake, have an Environmental Reserve land strip between lakefront lots and the lake itself, so a permit is required from the RM to authorize use of this land in order to access the lake (and store a dock/lift on it over winter).  Included in this application form is information on boat lifts and docks and when a permit is required for these items from Water Security Agency. 

(RM) Municipal / Environmental Reserve Permit Application

For any development with 5m of a lakebody please fill out and return the following form to Water Security Agency, along with a copy of the approved Municipal / Environmental Reserve Permit from the RM (as applicable).

(Water Security Agency) Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit Application

Development any disturbance of the lands' natural vegetation or overall natural state.