Property For Sale


All bids must be received in writing to the RM Office by mail, email or in-person prior to the Council Meeting when all bids will be considered. 

Highest bidder not necessarily accepted.

A deposit is not required in order to submit a bid.

Full payment must be provided within fourteen (14) days upon the notification of the approved sale of the property to the purchaser.  Should payment not be received within the required time, the property shall be immediately re-advertised and available for public sale.

Payment can be made by mailed cheque, E-Transfer, Online Bank Payment (most banks), or cash/debit in the RM Office.

Farm Land Lease

Bids must be submitted in writing to, by mail to Box 40 Crystal Springs, SK S0K 1A0 or in-person at 7 Danchuk Drive, Crystal Springs during office hours 9AM-4PM Mon-Fri by 4:00PM CST on Tuesday February 7, 2023

The RM of Invergordon is looking for submissions from interested parties to lease approximately 110 acres of agricultural (cultivated) land legally described as PT SW 30-44-23-W2.

 Lease Components

  • Lease Term:   March 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023;
  • Lease payable by December 1, 2023;
  • Land taxes shall be the responsibility of the Municipality;
  • Land is approximately 110 cultivated acres (Lessee shall not bring into cultivation any new lands);
  • Land shall be used for the purpose of growing crops only, no other use is permitted (e.g. hunting);
  • Lessee shall make all decisions with respect to growing crops on the land, including which pesticides to be used on crops grown on the land, and shall be responsible for all costs of farming said land;
  • Lessee responsible for obtaining and paying for any crop insurance and is entitled to receive all associated benefits;
  • Lessee shall cultivate, seed, control weeds/insects/disease and harvest crops in a sustainable manner;
  • Lessee shall not:
    1. accumulate or allow the accumulation of any waste material, debris, refuse or garbage or allow any site contamination such as, but not limited to, chemicals, oil spills, or any other waste materials on the land;
    2. sublet or assign the lease, or any part thereof, or any interest therein;
    3. cut down trees, remove any sand, gravel, clay, stone or other such substance existing on, or under the surface of said land;
  • Lessee is permitted to store gain on the land, in grain bags only (temporary storage) – all grain stored on the land must be removed by December 31, 2023;
  • Municipality shall endeavour to contact the Lessee prior to entering the leased land;
  • Municipality reserves the right of entry and exit over and upon the land to use any land not included in the Lease;
  • Municipality has the right at all reasonable times to attend and inspect the land;


The RM is reviewing the potential subdivision of the land containing gravel deposits from the balance of the ¼ section wherein said remaining land would be sold by public tender.

If during the term of the Lease the Municipality receives an offer to purchase the land from a third party (from a public tender for the sale of the Land) which it is prepared to accept, it shall offer to sell the land to the Lessee on the same terms. The Lessee shall then have seven (7) clear days within which to accept that offer. If they do not do so, then the Municipality shall be free to sell the land to the third party.

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Dated this 10th day of January, 2023

Courtney Beaulieu, Administrator

Tax Title Property for Sale 

Every year, as the result of tax enforcement proceedings in accordance with The Tax Enforcement Act the R.M. may acquire ownership of property in lieu of tax arrears.  These properties are then put up for public sale, and sold in accordance with GG-002 Disposal of Lands Policy (click here to go to Policy page)

There are no properties currently for sale.