Snow Removal

Stay In The Snow Know!

  Want to know what roads have been recently plowed?    

  Want to know where the Graders are at after a snowfall?  

The RM has ConX Wireless (Text2Car) GSP in its Graders and Snowblower which have been used for internal reporting until recently when they released a public interface!

Click here to view a map showing recent snow removal by RM Graders. 

  Helpful tips in viewing the map   

  1. Map is updated every four (4) hours, starting at 8:00am each day.
  2. ConX will be upgrading to a high definition, zoomable map in the near future so unfortunately right now it can only be viewed as a large map size.
  3. There are various colors on the map which show how recently it was plowed:
    • Within 0-4hrs
    • Within 4-8hrs
    • Within 8-16hrs
    • Within 16-24hrs
    • Within 24-48hrs
    • Within 72hrs
  4. If no data is shown (a map isn't populated) then there has not been any snow plowing within the last 72hrs, check back again later.
  5. Highway 20 - NORTH of Crystal Springs will not be shown when plowed on the map as it is done by the Ministry of Highways
  6. Shannon Lake Road will not be shown when plowed on the map as it is done by the RM of Three Lakes, inquiries should be directed to their RM Office regarding the plowing of this road.


Clearing roads is priority #1.  Crews will begin clearing snow as soon as it is safe and practical to do so following a snow fall.  

The RM clears all-weather roads, hamlets and lake developments.  This is typically completed in 2-3 days after a snow fall.  Heavy, large snowfalls may take longer than 3 days to clear.  

Please be patient!

  • Highway 20:  the RM clears #20 south of Crystal Springs to the intersection at #41.  Dept. of Highways clears #20 north of Crystal Springs to the intersection at #3
  • Highway 320:  the RM clears the portion of this highway within our municipal boundaries (5 miles West from #20)
  • Tway Access:  the RM clears this in full

Remember to be mindful of RM roads that run into another RM, as our section may be plowed but the other RM may not be out yet.

Custom Snow Removal

The RM is currently only accepting one-time snow removal requests - the "snow list" is currently full.  Thank you for your understanding!  

The RM does custom snow removal such as farm/acreage yards and driveways, bin yards, etc.  The RM has Graders and a Snowblower available for this work.


  • Grader             $160.00 per hour
  • Snowblower   $110.00 per hour 

The rates will be charged to/from the RM Shop for all special (singular) call-outs.  Travel time will be split amongst all recipients who are on the "snow list" (do as needed).

How To Request Custom Work

 All new custom snow removal requests must first go to the RM Office to have a Custom Work Order and Custom Work Waiver completed, along with providing any necessary prepayment (applicable to those whose taxes are in arrears, or who do not own the property, etc).

New custom snow removal requests will be reviewed by the RM Foreman for feasibility.  The recipient will be advised if their driveway or yard is deemed uneasily cleared with the Grader and that snow removal must be fulfilled by the Snowblower at the applicable hourly rate.

How Custom Work Is Done

Existing custom snow removal recipients were notified in April 2021 when the 2020-21 snow removal invoices were issued whether their driveway or yard can be cleared with the Grader.  Anyone unsure or wishes to reconfirm may call the RM Office.

A red/orange flag is no longer required to be put out at the end of the driveway.

All custom snow removal work will be completed after all roads have been cleared after a snow fall.  Please plan to be serviced three (3) days after a snow fall.

Billing for custom snow removal is a minimum of 15 minutes, per visit.

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