Weed Control

Weed Inspector: Dean Matkowski

Saskatchewan Invasive Plant Identification Guide.pdf

Report an Invasive Weed!

Now that the RM has an appointed Weed Inspector, ratepayers are eligible to submit a claim for up to 50% rebate on the cost of herbicides to control designated weeds!  

SARM Invasive Plant Control Program (IPCP):

  • For all weeds designated as Prohibited Weeds under The Weed Control Act:
    • 50% of the cost of pre-approved eligible herbicides; and
    • 50% of the cost of application of those pre-approved eligible herbicides
  • For all weeds designed as Noxious Weeds under the current program:
    • Up to 50% of the cost of pre-approved eligible herbicides.
    • Noxious Weeds approved under the current program:
      • field bindweed
      • common burdock
      • bladder campion
      • ox-eye daisy
      • black henbane
      • hoary cress
      • hoary alyssum
      • leafy spurge
      • Russian knapweed
      • yellow toadflax
      • common tansy
      • wild parsnip
      • scentless chamomile (added in 2022) - restrictions apply
      • white cockle (added in 2022)

Click here to read SARM Schedule A (Accepted Herbicide Options for Selected Noxious Weeds)

Click here to go over to SARM's IPCP page for full details.

The Guide to Crop Protection

The Guide to Crop Protection provides information on the use of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for control of weeds, plant diseases and insects. This publication is only a guide. Always refer to the product label for application details and precautions.

Click here to download a copy from Publication Saskatchewan.

Urban Guide to Weed Control

Click here to go over to the Ministry of Saskatchewan's page for general measures that can be applied to the control of many urban weed problems. These measures can include both cultural (non-chemical) and chemical control.   Also contains helpful identification info and photos.