Cemeteries in the RM can also be searched on Sask Genealogy (search RM Number 430) which may contain contact information for the managing person or organization.  Information is also available on Find A Grave by the specific cemetery name or location.

The RM of Invergordon does not manage or maintain any of the cemeteries.

Crystal Springs Area

  • Crystal Springs Community Cemetery
    • SE 26-44-24-W2 - just north of Crystal Springs, SK - west off of Highway 20, watch for a sign
  • Saint Joseph Mission Roman Catholic Cemetery
    • SW 23-44-21-W2 - 1 mile west of Crystal Springs, SK

Meskanaw Area

  • Meskanaw Traill Cemetery
    • NE 12-44-22-W2 - located from Highway 41 (south), visible from road
  • Our Lady of Seven Sorrows (Fishing Lake Cemetery) 
    • NW 5-45A-22-W2 - located near Struthers Lake, SK - from the 778, north of the Struthers Lake Curve go east for 2 miles then south for 1/2 mile (church is visible from road)

Tarnopol Area

  • Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cemetery
    • SW 25-43-24-W2 - located east off of Highway 20, just 1/2 mile north from Highway 41
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Cemetery
    • SW 14-43-24-W2 - located 1 1/2 miles south of Highway 41 on Highway 20 and 1/2 mile west off Highway 20
  • Tarnopol Jehovah Witness Cemetery
    • SE 14-43-24-W2 - located  just over 1 mile south of Highway 41 on Highway 20 (located on the west side Highway 20)

Tway Area

  • Saint Paraskewia Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
    • SW 30-43-24-W2 - located 2 miles west of Tway, SK
  • Saint Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
    • Tway, SK - Kostyna Ave
  • Tway Independent Ukrainian Cemetery
    • SW 20-43-24-W2 - located 2 1/2 miles south-west of Tway, SK

Yellow Creek Area

  • Yellow Creek Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
    • NW 32-43-23-W2 - 3 miles west of Yellow Creek, SK onto 776 for 1 mile
  • Hazel Lake Community Cemetery
    • SE 15-43-23-W2 - from Highway 41, take Rhona Lake road east for 7 miles, located on north side of the road
  • St. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Cemetery
    • SE 3-44-23-W2 - north of Yellow Creek, SK on north side of Highway 41

Waitville Area

  • St. Peters (Peder's)
    • NE 32-45-24-W2 - 4 miles south of Birch Hills, SK

Headstones and inscriptions visit T & C Inscriptions in Crystal Springs, SK