Custom Work

The RM performs various custom work such as snow plowing and ridging, grading, mowing, trenching and provides gravel for sale.  However, the RM does not perform any septic/utility or cemetery custom work.

Click here to go to our Policies page and review the Custom Work Policy it outlines who can receive custom work and how it is delivered. 

All custom work requests must go to the RM Office by email or phone.

Hourly Rates

  • Buggy - $265.00/hr
  • CAT Dozer - $220.00/hr
  • Grader - $200.00/hr
  • Snowblower - $135.00/hr
  • Loader - $160.00/hr
  • Backhoe - $145.00/hr
  • Mower - $145.00
  • Lawn Mower - $160.00/hr
  • Weed Trimmer - $100.00/hr (man & machine)
  • Hotzy - $45.00/hr at Shop (machine only)
  • Hotzy - $90.00/hr (man & machine)
  • Custom Hauling (Semi) - $180.00/hr
  • Custom Hauling (Tandem) - $120.00/hr
  • Trackhoe - $240.00 per hour
  • Man Hour - $60.00 (labour only)

Custom Hauling is billed from the time of departure and time of return to the RM Shop.


  • Sand - $11.00/yard RATEPAYERS ONLY
  • Crushed Gravel - $17.00/yard  (Non-ratepayers $19.00/yard)
  • Pit Run Gravel - $7.50/yard  (Non-ratepayers $9.50/yard)
  • Gravel Stripping - $3.00/yard  (Non-ratepayers $5.00/yard)
  • Black Dirt - $17.00/yard RATEPAYERS ONLY
  • Stone, Rip Rap 6"-12" - $28.00/yard  (Non-ratepayers $30.00/yard)
  • Loading Fee - $1.00/yard  (applicable to all pick-up orders)
  • Gravel Hauling (Semi) - $11.50/mile (loaded)
  • Gravel Hauling (Tandem) - $6.00/mile (loaded)

***Sand & Black Dirt subject to availability

The R.M. utilizes a Tandem truck for gravel deliveries within hamlets and lakeshore developments.  Tandem loads are 10 yards.

The R.M. utilizes a (Semi) Belly-Dump for other gravel deliveries, where appropriate.  Semi loads are 25 yards.

Gravel orders of 500 yards or more must go to Council for approval.

Other Materials

The R.M. also sells culverts and couplers.

Culvert pricing below is for one (1) 6m length.

12" dia (300mm)15" dia (375mm)18" dia
21" dia

24" dia

30" dia (750mm)
Plastic Culvert$250.00 each$390.00 each$520.00 each
$640.00 each
$840.00 each
$1,275.00 each
Plastic Coupler$30.00 each$32.00 each$35.00 each
$70.00 each
$70.00 each
$165.00 each

**Updated October 2022  Prices are RM Cost + 10%

Additional sizes and steel culverts/couplers are special order, please inquire with the RM Office for more information.

The completion of custom work is subject to equipment availability and close proximity, with the understanding that municipal public works shall take precedence and that the RM is not obligated to complete all custom works requested. In the event that equipment is available, but not in the area, travel time (mileage) may be charged in addition to the applicable hourly custom work rate.