Crystal Springs

The Organized Hamlet of Crystal Springs was established on April 22, 1952 and remains in existence to this day.  The active Hamlet Board reports to the RM Council and hosts their annual general (voters) meeting typically in the Fall. 

Crystal Springs is located in the west-central part of the RM (Division 4), with Highway 20 running through it.  It is home to the RM Office and Public Works Shop.  

Despite its small population, the community has alot to offer its local and surrounding residents:

Recreation Hall with an active Recreation Board, hosts monthly coffee row, bingo, various events, an annual Snowmobile Rally and the ever popular Mudfest (click to watch a video!) 

Hotel & Bar proud host of Wing Night Wednesday and other weekly specials!

Post Office

Insurance Agency (Crystal Agencies)

Mechanic (Bullee Mechanical)

Monument Maker (Town & Country Memorials)


Water-Sewer the hamlet operates a public utility consisting of non-potable water including a local truck fill station, and sewer lines requiring an installed septic tank where effluent flows to the hamlet's lagoon and an annual pump-out of the solids is required.

  Truck-Fill is coin-operated and costs $2.00 per 100gal.

  Bottled Water is available for purchase at the RM Office.

Crystal Springs was originally known as Bon Eau which means "good water" in French. When English settlers arrived they changed the name to Crystal Springs. [Source: wikipedia]