Road Hauling

Bulk Hauling

The RM's Road Hauling Policy requires haulers to obtain a Road Maintenance Agreement (RMA) to authorize bulk hauling activity as well as requires the payment of the provincial hauling fees listed below. 

The policy contains the following exemptions:

  1. Hauls of less than 10 tonnes do not need an RMA and do not need to pay hauling fees.
  2. Hauls of agricultural commodities do not need an RMA and do not need to pay hauling fees.
  3. Single or one-time hauls of non-agricultural commodities do not require an RMA but must pay hauling fees.


Non-agricultural commodities shall mean materials or commodities such as but not limited to gravel, timber and dwellings.

10 tonnes shall be approximately considered equivalent to 13 yards of crushed gravel.

Click here to go to our Bylaw & Policy page to read the full Road Hauling Policy.

The provincial rates are as follows:

Hauling Period:

Summer Period

March 16 – November 14

Winter Period

November 15 – March 15







Please contact the RM Office with the details of any planned hauling of gravel, timber or other non-agricultural related commodities as a Road Maintenance Agreement is required.

Road Maintenance Agreement Form

Septic Hauling

In accordance with Bylaw 11-07, no person shall provide a sewage transportation service within the RM without a current permit to do so from Sask. Environment and written approval from the RM.

Please contact the RM Office to request permission to haul.

Those approved for transporting sewage shall submit the required reporting to the RM, at least annually, along with payment of the appropriate usage fee for releasing waste effluent into the Yellow Creek lagoon:

  • $1,000 annually; or
  • $10.00 per load 

Releasing waste effluent into the Crystal Springs lagoon is prohibited.

Clearing the Path

The RM has a Clearing The Path Corridor (also referred to as Primary Weight Corridor), which is maintained to primary weight standard a minimum of 9 months of the year. The RM's corridor connects rural roads to primary Highways 3 and 41. The RM receives funding from SARM (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities) who administers this program to improve economic development in rural communities by providing primary weight access to a network of corridors. 

Heavy trucks should utilize the CTP route as much as possible and practical.  Road haul fees and Road Maintenance Agreements are still applicable to a CTP route.